Jay Panozzo

Jay Panozzo



Jay Panozzo has worked on radio towers since 1981. His foundation in the tower business began as a part-time employee for his father who was a full time fireman and part-time house painter.  After completing high school Jay quickly entered the labor force working as a mechanic, painter and a lineman.The opportunity to climb towers happened during a chance met with a neighborhood friend who was working for the Andrew Corporation as a tower climber. Once hearing of this exciting job opportunity Jay began as an entry level tower climber quickly moving into promoted positions ultimately into management.  In 1989, realizing the future needs of more tower climbers and businesses who could build cellular systems Jay started MidAmerica Communications Specialists, Inc.  MCS quickly became a go to contractor in the Northern IL market.  In 1995 MCS was sold and MidAmerica Towers, Inc. was formed to concentrate on site design, development & management.

After numerous requests Jay now shares his skills and knowledge with others as a consultant.

Areas of Expertise


As your counselor Jay will analyze the site, run a feasibility study to come up with a solution tailored to the results and your needs.

Over 38 Years of experience in the design, engineering, construction, maintenance & consultation of radio tower sites.

A site will be designed based upon the feasibility study & your plot. Design & layout is critical during planning. A WOW build takes skill and craftsmanship. 

Infrastructure never stops getting older. Time and TIA/EIA regulations sometimes require replacing the tower. We can help manage any and all replacements.

A well managed site limits liability and costs while maximizing the revenue potential. Jay knows how to manage the site to its full potential while keeping things safe and secure.

Engineering at tower sites never ends. It begins with design and continues throughout the tower life. It is the owners' responsibility to keep the sites analysis current.