Tower Lease Consultation | Municipalities

Eliminate Tower Proliferation; Design & Development of Municipality Owned co-location Tower Sites - In almost every case building your own Colocation Tower will be a financially beneficial solution as it eliminates the proliferation of towers and increases Municipality income. IT IS A SIMPLE Solution TO A TOWERING PROBLEM. But, the site must be planned, studied and built properly to be a viable solution, we know how to do this and can help!

Lease Buyout offer Consultation - No doubt you have been contacted about buyout or renegotiation your lease, we can help as we are aware of current situations and markets.

Radio Frequency Studies - We can perform a RF study of any site to show RF levels at both street and elevated levels.

Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems are small Antenna repeaters that are often placed on elevated structures such as power poles, we can help with the negotiations and management of these systems.

Elevated Tank Antenna Systems - We can help with water tank engineering analysis, audits and documentation. We can manage Water Tank installations to assure the integrity of your structure before, during and after the installation, we also have a return program to annually inspect these critical installations to eliminate jeopardizing issues go unseen.

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