Tower Site Maintenance

The Most Important & Most Neglected Part of Most Tower Sites

Your towers are an important part of your company's assets. It is important to maintain this asset to guarantee the continued use and longevity of the structure and site. Our Maintenance program includes a full inspection & audit. We start by completing a inspection report complete with photos and suggestions than any and all repair are either repaired or suggested for repair.

MidAmerica Towers, Inc. is fully Insured & Bonded. We have been incorporated Since 1989

Typical Maintenance Includes:

  • Road up keep; culvert & ditch cleaning and repairs
  • Fence & Gate repairs, spot galvanizing & alignment
  • Weed & rodent control
  • snow removal
  • grass cutting
  • anchor protection repair
  • tower bolt spot check
  • tower structure alignment
  • tower structure materials
  • painting
  • grounding
  • antennas
  • transmission lines
  • lighting system
  • power systems
  • anchor investigation and repair
  • component replacement
Tower Site Maintenance
Owner - Jay Panozzo Performing an Audit

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